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I confess to being addicted to marketing employed watches Rolex, it is through experience both very good and bad, that I was able to distinguish between genuine and fake watches. I would like to share their findings with you so you can avoid many pitfalls when buying a utilised Rolex Watch.


 Rolex Observe due to the strength of its desirability and exclusivity unfortunately, can make it a prime target for unscrupulous counterfeiters. In excess of the years the good quality conterfeit observes how improved dramatically so that it's extremely difficult to distinguish from every other.

 All Rolex watches have a unique number which is engraved links between housing lugs on the 12-hour position, this figure refers towards the year, manufacturers and designs. All genuine Rolex watches have screw on case. The case clock produced of 14 or 18-karat gold or silver, but never ever cheap metal coating both gold or silver plate.

 Real Rolex watches do not have a clear and see through the Observe it so that the interior visible. Do not let him fool if you can see the internal mechanisms Rolex crowns engraved into parts. Clear case = is not genuine. If your observe is marked produced in China remains a full-fledged Clear (54% of all counterfeit hours were seized in China).

 Apart from one model to view the sea dweller the rest usually do not have any prints to appear on the case.

 1 specific area in which counterfeiters Fail in the reproduction on the engraved crown, which is directly below the 6 o'clock around the dial. Fake, tend to have slightly greater crown, which shows the imperfections in the enlarged inside the lines compared with all the very small (only visible to the naked eye) Authentic crown markings within the authentic item.

 Unique Bubble clock Cyclops directly above the date is displayed, which increases the date by 2,5 times. The vast majority of fakes Cyclops bubble is not centralized correctly increase the effect and not to zero.

 The reverse is real Observe hologram crown over the serial number. When the hologram from the corona observed with distinct angles of reflected light to give a holistic effect. Hologram in the crown on the fake, do not give the effect of reflection when observed from various angles. The second part in the hand utilizing a completely smooth and flawless while operations with fake traffic, as a rule, abruptly and irregularly.

 This list is not complete as a result of ever-changing technology utilised for counterfeiting, but I hope these tips will certainly support you to distinguish if you use your Rolex watches are genuine or if you bought a fake.


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